Theatre Royal Drury Lane Show

April 13th 2014

On Sunday April 13th a group of StageStruck Students performed at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane Theatre in London's West End.  We were part of the 'Class Talent' show and along with 9 other schools from across the UK we performed two numbers, 'American Idiot' from the Greenday musical and a 'Lady GaGa Medley'.  


Preparations started many months earlier and we have been practicing the routines for over 5 months.  On the day of the show we left Godalming very early to travel by coach to London.  It was going to be a busy day as the London Marathon and Olivier Awards were also being held in London.


On arrival at the theatre we were shown to our dressing room which is currently being used by the cast of 'Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.  We changed into our costumes and went down to sit in the auditorium of the 2000+ seater Theatre.  We walked onstage for the first time and the view took our breath away.  The Theatre Royal is London's oldest theatre and the architecture is stunning.  


The next few hours were Dress Rehearsal time.  As the stage was much larger than the one we were used to, some adjustments were made to our spacing but the students adapted amazingly well. 


All too quickly the 6.30 p.m. Show Time arrived.  StageStruck would be opening the show with 'American Idiot'.  Standing in the wings and listening to the noise from the audience was very exciting.  It's fair to say that 'American Idiot' is very different to any number that was performed that evening.  Punk Rock was about to hit Drury Lane!!  The applause at the end was deafening. It was back to the Dressing room to change into Lady Gaga!


Our Lady GaGa costumes were made out of Bin Liners.  During the Dress Rehearsal we did get some funny looks as our show outfit wasn't the ususual lycra/leotard ensemble!  As the dressing room was so hot we waited until the last minute to don the bin liners.  Then it was back to the stage to perform our routine.  Once again there was huge applause from the audience.  


Finally we put on our 'Class Talent' T shirts and headed down to make our final bows for the Finale.


It was certainly a day none of us will ever forget.  Few people ever get the chance to perform on a West End stage and the students feel so lucky that they had this opportunity.


As their teacher I could not have been more proud.  They all performed in such a professional way, on and off the stage.  Both numbers were the best I had ever seen them performed.  a huge WELL DONE from me!!!


!I hope you will enjoy looking at the photos and watch the video of our day