StageStruck Summer Term 2021

Term Dates & Fees

First Day of Term         Saturday 10th April

Last Day of Term         Saturday 24th July

Please note:-

a) There will be no break for half term, classes will continue throughout the term.

b)There are 16 classes this term but as I owe you all for 3 sessions you will only pay for 13 classes. 

c) Fees are due on the first day of term. 


All Fees (except Matilda class) are £143.00.  

Matilda class (9.00 a.m.) Fees are £130.00


Fee Payment

There are three ways to pay your fees:-  

1.  One Cheque - Please make cheques payable to StageStruck. 



2. Two Cheques - Pay in 2 instalments-  Matilda class only (2 x £65.00)

                          All other classes (2 x £71.50)

** I must receive both cheques together in an envelope.  One postdated for the 1st June 2021.


3. Bank Transfer

You can pay fees online. Please give your child's name as reference. 

Name White Miss J M T/A Stagestruck   Sort Code    30-90-09    Acc No 02964686

**IMPORTANT **- Online fees must be paid in one payment not two.